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Getting Started, <span>What to expect</span>

Getting Started, What to expect

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Because weight loss is so rapid, the program requires weekly visits. It’s important to receive support as well as monitor your progress. You begin by first calling or coming in to discuss the program and see if it meets your own personal needs. If you decide to start the program a scheduled time will be necessary for your initial startup as well as for weekly visits.

Medical Assessment

At your first visit upon joining our program, you’ll receive an in office EKG, B injection, appetite suppressants, and meet with Debra to determine an appropriate weight loss goal. You’ll learn the details of your nutritional program which is a balanced, low-calorie diet plan that allows you to eat regular food but in moderation. By the time you decide to join you’ll have already met or spoken with the manager of the program, Debra, who has successfully gone through the program herself and has lost and maintained a loss, of 175 lbs. Our medical assistant will
dispense an FDA recommended and approved appetite suppressant and administer your B-Vitamin injections.

Weekly Consultations

You will return for weekly visits at which time we’ll weigh you, give your injections, discuss any changes needed for your own personal weight loss program, and dispense the weekly supply of appetite suppressants. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, we will work with you on keeping the weight off by providing modifications to your nutritional plan.

Program Fees

  1. $100.00 the day you join which will cover the EKG, appetite suppressants, B injection, weigh in, one on one with Debra and the medical assistant.
  2. $50.00 due at each scheduled weekly appointment time.

The length of the program is tailored to your specific weight loss goals that you and Debra set in your initial visit. Remember there are no contracts to sign or any designated end date!

There are no hidden fees, special foods or extra supplement need to purchase

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